What is Spheroid Universe?

Spheroid Universe
5 min readSep 8, 2018

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Spheroid Universe is the actual beginning of a new cycle of the technological revolution that will change our understanding of real estate and of every person’s right to practically manageable and controlled useful property on integrated Earth surface unregulated by the states.

This revolution in property and investment spheres is developing in the digital era when augmented reality technologies and distributed ledger smart contracts (blockchain) have emerged.

The revolution comes into the world of business, creativity and entertainment. It comes in the world of open access to reward, property and cost management, where intermediaries may exist but are not required.

These events are unfolding all over the surface of the planet Earth, wherever there’s internet. More specifically in the digital space of the planet Earth’s augmented reality, which is aligned with the material reality, split up into private plots independently of ‘traditional’ property to material objects.

So how will Spheroid Universes make this revolution?

Spheroid Universe is a functioning augmented reality (AR) platform that superimposes a continuous layer of augmented reality onto the Earth surface, which is split up into Spaces — plots with precise geographic coordinates.

Representation of Spaces on the surface of the Earth

The platform’s main user product will be the augmented reality social network. It will use Spaces as the foundation for its business model.

Spheroid Universe users will be able to express themselves, create and render objects, interact with them, evaluate them, communicate with each other, leave messages and traces of their presence in this new world. They will be able to publish AR objects within Spaces for aesthetic, entertaining and advertising purposes. These objects can be observed through smartphones with the Spheroid Universe app. The rapid development of VR/AR headsets suggests their integration with smartphones. This will allow us to interact with the Spheroid Universe app through such devices.

Users will be able to create their own worlds, combine them into communities, fill them with important and interesting content, invite their friends, play, meet each other and have fun.

Currently, users can test the demo versions of some functions with the Spheroid Universe app.

Business will gain an opportunity to advertise itself in unprecedented ways in the best places that were previously inaccessible to them.

Augmented reality objects are unlimited in the possibilities of user interaction, size, artistic expression and lifespan.

Example of Augmented Reality Objects in the Urban Environment from Spheroid Universe App

For this purpose, Spheroid Universe and third-party developers will be creating instruments, plugins and apps, continuously expanding the space’s set of AR functions for the platform audience, creating AR games, holding AR exhibits, filling up AR stores and offering their projects to the project audience, earning money on it.

Spheroid Universe is an open decentralized augmented reality platform that will create the conditions for participation and earning for an unlimited number of participants: developers, artists and regular users. It is a platform where the platform users (Space owners), rather than an IT corporation, will receive the earnings from advertising.

Spheroid Universe is based on an advertising business model. The platform will create and develop AR advertising services, connecting advertisers and Space owners, receiving transaction revenue when advertisers publish content in the Spaces.

Advertising within the Spheroid Universe will be an alternative to outdoor advertising in the real world. Both Enterprise companies and small businesses will use its advertising opportunities. According to conservative estimates, the international market capacity today already exceeds $246 million annually.

Spaces, just like any property, have value. They can be bought on the primary market for cryptocurrency or fiat money. With the future development of the secondary market (our short-term goal) users will be able to sold or lease them out for 3D advertising object placement.

Space owners’ rights are already protected by traditional laws. Space is a digital asset that has been created, registered and protected on the basis and in compliance with the laws of the European Union.

A Space owner has a right to resell it, lease it out, give it as a gift, transfer it as inheritance, use it as collateral, contribute it to company charter capital.

Project mission

We already reported about the near future of the project, but here we will expand the view in the longer term.

The mission of the Spheroid Universe is to create the best AR services in the world for individuals and commercial organizations.

We realize that in 3 to 5 years augmented reality will become a part of the everyday routine, as has the use of navigators, messengers or streaming video on smartphones. In the scale, functionality and grandeur it is only comparable to the emergence of the smartphone itself since life will acquire an entirely new dimension in the digital world. A dimension with its own formats, instruments, communication methods, material and non-material asset exchange algorithms.

We see the following as our primary goals:

Create the market for augmented digital real estate and investments

Create a new advertising market and new mechanisms for companies’ communications with their target audiences

Create the instruments for creative self-expression in augmented reality and provide a platform (Spaces) for this self-expression.

Create a new type of AR-social network and attract millions of users

More information about Spheroid Universe you can find on the website: https://www.spheroiduniverse.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/spheroid_io

Telegram: https://t.me/spheroiduniverseio

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