What is Spheroid Script?

Dear Community,

Today we are introducing Spheroid Script!
Spheroid Script is a cross-platform programming language developed by us.

Spheroid Script has been designed to:

- significantly speed up and reduce the cost of developing XR applications
- enable the developer community to connect to the creation of XR products and the Spheroid Universe ecosystem

Spheroid Script has the following advantages:

- low entry threshold: the language is easy to learn and use

- being an XR-oriented language, it allows implementing XR products with less code, provides the ability to run applications written in it on different platforms: Android, iOS

- it is high-performance and energy-efficient, which is fundamentally important when launched on mobile devices

- provides the ability to instantly make changes to an already published application, which speeds up and simplifies the development and support cycle of applications written on it

- makes possible to run XR products created by independent developers inside an integrated mobile app in the Spheroid Universe ecosystem — XRHub

- allows to reduce the cost of computing resources in the cloud by dynamically allocating them to XR applications as needed

- works both on client and server sides

- includes Spheroid SQL: built-in database query language

Please find the Spheroid Script specifications here:

Spheroid Script Example:

More examples, tutorials and details could be find in the Spheroid Demiurge IDE which will be started soon.