The launch of the Demiurge Store

Dear Community!

We are pleased to announce the next important step for the Platform — the launch of the Demiurge Store!

Demiurge Store is a store of different applications, plugins, assets and extensions of the Platform. This is the place where community developers can start publishing and monetizing their products!

Today we are announcing the first 3 plugins for the Platform:

1. Plugin for Unity — allows you to create and export scenes to Demiurge for use in XR applications. The plugin is already available for installation, it is opensource and we invite the community of developers to participate in its development.

2. Plugin for Figma will allow designers to transfer layouts into the Spheroid Script markup language for display in XR applications. Since launching the plugin in Q4 2020, millions of designers around the world will be able to take advantage of the technology we have developed.

3. Plugin for Sketchfab will allow developers and advertisers to upload 3D models from one of the world’s largest catalogs directly to their project in Demiurge.

We will soon announce the first targeted grants for product developers for the Platform ecosystem!

Check out the Demiurge Store:

View Unity Plugin on GitHub (please support us with Stars on GitHub):

Spheroid UI Engine News

More important news next week!