Spheroid SQL

Dear community,

Today we are introducing Spheroid SQL!
What is it and why did we create it?

In order to make a quality XR application, developers traditionally need to master many different programming languages and technologies:

- languages in which the code of mobile applications is written: Swift, Java
- languages in which the server side of the mobile application is written, for example: PHP, Python, Ruby, C #
- specialized AR frameworks and technologies: ARCore and ARKit, SceneKit, Sceneform, Depth API, etc.

In addition, a full-fledged XR-application must contain such an integral part as a database and a query language for it.

The set of requirements creates powerful barriers for developers and small teams that do not have the entire set of required competencies.

We at Spheroid Universe have developed a no-compromise solution: Spheroid Script allows you to create all parts of the project (mobile part, server part, XR part and layout of the application) and also includes the syntax of queries to the Spheroid SQL database. The developer just needs to master Spheroid Script, designed in such a way as to be fast to use and as efficient as possible when executed on mobile devices.

The Spheroid SQL cloud database query language is powerful and flexible, like modern document-oriented databases, but at the same time simple and intuitive, like the well-known classic SQL. Thus, any developer can easily master it in a short time.

Spheroid SQL documentation with examples:

Sample Application Demonstrating SQL Capabilities:

More important news in the coming days!

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