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2 min readMay 19, 2020


Today we will talk about our technology that allows the community to jointly develop AR products. Let’s start with the first two components of this technology — the Demiurge Spheroid IDE cloud development environment and the Spheroid Script programming language that we developed.

So, first is Demiurge
Demiurge is a visually integrated development environment for programmers, designers and everyone who works together on an AR project. This is a common space where programmers write code, run it, and debug it, while designers and other specialists prepare 3D models, graphic images, and sound files. This is an environment that allows you to create digital worlds, fill and revitalize them. This is a space where participants interact and fill the digital world with rules and events. Demiurge is integrated with various platform services, including an advertising service.

Where can platform users see AR community applications being created?
First of all, applications written in Spheroid Script run inside the Spheroid Universe mobile application as separate layers. In addition to this, developers will be able to release their products as independent mobile applications under their own brand in the AppStore and Google Play. In this case, these applications will be connected to the Spheroid Universe ecosystem through an API.

Does Demiurge allow you to collaborate on a project?
Yes, our cloud-based IDE allows multiple members to work on the same project simultaneously. The creator of the project manages the list of developers who can work on the project alongside, have access to the application code and its resources.

What are the benefits of Demiurge: Spheroid IDE?
Firstly, this is convenient since it does not require downloading and installing the SDK. Everything is accessible from the browser, in the cloud. Secondly, its development speed. Compilation and launch of applications written in Spheroid Script is performed in Demiurge in a few seconds instead of a few minutes in the classic IDE. Thirdly, the minimum requirements for the power of the developer’s computer — all resource-intensive operations are performed in the cloud, so that in the IDE you can even work on the tablet.

What if the developer closes the browser window and forgets to save the code?
The code is automatically saved to the cloud every few seconds. At the same time, the code is instantly stored in the browser storage. If there is a loss of Internet connection or the developer accidentally closes the browser window, then all changes made by the developer to the code will not be lost. The next time you open the IDE in the browser, all unsaved changes from the browser storage will be sent to the cloud.

Next time we’ll talk more about Spheroid Script and how developers can create their products and monetization chains within the Spheroid Universe ecosystem!



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