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3 min readAug 30, 2022

We named it Spheroid.Warp — just like you suggested.

It is a unique tool that allows you to post content anywhere in the world in just a few clicks.

It’s a very simple and intuitive, yet very powerful tool. You don’t need any technical knowledge to use it.

Spheroid.Warp allows to:

- Advertise your business
- Show your art to the world
- Place your NFT in any possible location
- Wish happy birthday to your loved ones
- Organize your own quest
- Entertain your friends

And so much more!

Technological exclusivity of Spheroid.Warp

When you place objects in augmented reality, Spheroid.Warp creates an XR Post.

What is an XR Post?

XR Post is a comprehensive app written in the Spheroid Script language that runs within the XR Hub when the user approaches the Space where it’s placed.

Spheroid.Warp is a handy visual tool for programming reality without programming skills!

The app comprises rules by which this XR Post interacts with users, with Space policies and with other XR Posts.

Monetization with Spheroid.Warp!

You can start monetizing your Spaces!

You can host content on your Spaces for free or rent them out.

We have developed powerful and flexible functions for this purpose:

Setting the rent price:
You can set the Space rental price manually or entrust it to automation, which will set the price according to the popularity and value of your Space.

Different types of contracts:
You can allow an unlimited number of participants to host content on your Space (standard contract) or provide a Space under exclusive terms (exclusive contract). Contracts are paid out daily in the form of SPH Credits, which can be withdrawn.

Under a standard contract:
- an XR Post is published automatically, without mandatory pre-moderation
- the one who publishes an XR Post can unpublish it at any time
- the Space owner can cancel XR Post from being shown on the Space at any time
- an unlimited number of XR Posts can be hosted on the same Space.
- the Space owner can change the price of XR Post publication on his Space at any time

This type of contract is the fastest and most convenient for both XRPost creator and Space owner.

Under an exclusive contract:
- an XR Post is published only after moderation by the Space owner
- the terms of an exclusive contract stipulate the start and end dates of the Space lease, based on which the entire XR Post payment amount is held and transferred to the Space owner in daily increments
- the creator of an XR Post cannot unilaterally refuse to rent a Space, and the Space owner cannot change the publication price during the duration of the signed contract.

This type of contract is convenient for the parties in that it guarantees the parties’ complete fulfillment of their obligations. An exclusive XR Post means that no other XR Post can be hosted on the rented Space for the duration of its placement.

The Spheroid Metaverse is the default choice of the world for content placement, but your Space is not limited to only one world.

Your Space embraces many other applications (XR Worlds), and you have the right to monetize your entire Space in each of them. As the ecosystem is built and expanded, Space owners will be able to fully appreciate the value of their asset.

In the following updates:

- Integration of Spheroid.Warp with Spheroid.Earth data (placement of objects based on volumetric visual landmarks)
- Integration with Sketchfab (access to tens of thousands of 3D models)
- Interactivity support (create an XR Post that interacts with users)
- Open API for developers and integration with Demiurge (expansion of XR Post capabilities)



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