Dear friends!

We are happy to release the Alpha version of Spheroid.Earth for iOS devices.

Spheroid.Earth is a community-based Earth mapping project.

Spheroid Universe develops computer vision and AI technology to recreate real-world locations as point-cloud data processed from 2D images. …

Dear community!

We are happy to announce that XR Hub for iOS is now released!

From a technical point of view, XR Hub is a SuperApp: it can run other applications within itself. These applications may be created by independent developers. …

Dear community,

Important news about the SPH token!

In order to develop and expand the use of SPH on the platform, Spaces of all types (Orange, Green, Blue) can now be purchased with SPH only. Space purchases with all other currencies and tokens except SPH have been stopped.

Orange Spaces can still be purchased with both SPH on users’ balances and with ERC-20 SPH. Blue and Green Spaces can be purchased with ERC-20 SPH only.

SPH withdrawal from users’ account to wallets will start in May 2021, together with KYC procedures.

Dear community!

Spheroid Universe has joined the Khronos Group, an industry consortium that develops open programming interface (API) standards for creating and rendering dynamic graphics, including standards such as glTF, OpenGL, WebGL and OpenXR.

As part of the consortium, Spheroid Universe will focus on the development of the gLTF 3D file standard, which the platform uses as the base standard for XR applications within the Spheroid Universe ecosystem. Consortium members working together on the new specifications include leading international companies: Samsung, Sony, ARM, Google, AMD, Apple and many others.

Dear Community!

We are pleased to announce that Spheroid Universe has joined the VR/AR Association.

The VR/AR Association (VRARA) is an international organization designed to foster collaboration between innovative companies and brands, creating new contacts in the VR/AR ecosystem, that accelerates the growth and development of its members, conducts research and raises the level of education, helps develop industry standards, connects organizations and promote their services.

Membership in the organization will allow Spheroid Universe to start introducing a wide range of professional AR/VR/XR market participants to the platform’s project and its tools, to begin expert and practical interaction with industry professionals and brands, including ecosystem leaders.

Dear friends!

We are happy to announce our participation at Vancouver Biennale at Voxel Bridge ArtProject by Jessica Angel in collaboration with the Kusama Network.

Voxel Bridge. This public artwork is a 34,000 sq.ft immersive installation that will transform the area underneath Vancouver’s Cambie Street Bridge into a three-layered immersive…

Dear community,

Today we are introducing Spheroid SQL!
What is it and why did we create it?

In order to make a quality XR application, developers traditionally need to master many different programming languages and technologies:

- languages in which the code of mobile applications is written: Swift, Java
- languages…

Dear Community!

We are pleased to announce the next important step for the Platform — the launch of the Demiurge Store!

Demiurge Store is a store of different applications, plugins, assets and extensions of the Platform. This is the place where community developers can start publishing and monetizing their products!

Dear friends,

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Spheroid UI Engine and the publication of documentation of the Spheroid Script capabilities for creating user interfaces (UI) for XR applications.

Spheroid UI Engine allows you to create user interfaces that include a variety of menus, buttons, lists, cards…

Recently we have launched Demiurge. That was a very important and fundamental event for the Spheroid Universe platform.

It’s a day of Platform’s transition to a qualitatively new state. The launch of Demiurge is the point where we can invite people to develop the Platform and equip them with the tools to work with.

Demiurge is an interface that allows people to come and create their product in the Spheroid Universe ecosystem or improve the ecosystem itself. It is an interface and programming language that will bring people together in collaboration, where the contribution of each participant is taken into account, evaluated and rewarded

Quick tutorial:
About Spheroid Script::

More news next week!

Spheroid Universe


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